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A great white shark photograp by Allan DAvey at Guadalupe

The following is a brief discourse that gives a fragmented impression of me. For the unabridged version...well... let's work together.


 As a photographer I capture the world as I see it. As a digital artist I create the world as I imagine it. These two visual outlets are on opposite ends of the creative spectrum connected only by the tools.I approach each with a completely different mindset. Most of my commercial projects meet somewhere in the middle. My personal projects are firmly rooted in exploring  either of these two disciplines in their purist form.With photography I am drawn to how light paints itself in the camera over time, with images having the quality of paintings. At times I have facetiously pondered the concept that maybe I am a painter but inadvertently picked up the wrong tool. With my conceptual photographic compilations I like to create images that can't be photographed or scenarios that don't exist. In either discipline I see myself as a storyteller. It is, in most instances, my intention to capture an unfolding event in a single frame.

 I feel it is a gift to meet people that think differently than I do. It allows me an opportunity to absorb their perspective. I relish being around people that are passionate about what they do, people who live consciously, act decisively but are open to change. It is my mantra to give people more than they are expecting. I try to embrace both sides of an argument because you can't truly know a thing until you have seen it from all sides. I believe the average person is above average, simply waiting  for the moment to share their gifts.

 It takes a lot to raise my pulse, which is why my idea of a vacation is exploring erupting volcanos, chasing tornados or diving with great white sharks. I believe that is a trait that lends itself well to the fluid, fast-paced demanding industry I chose to immerse myself in. I think it is an asset to be able to wipe the mental sketch-board clean  and start again when parameters change.

 Photography chose me. I am constantly on the search for the photograph that will entirely satisfy me and that I am immensely proud of. I hope I never find it. It is the search that makes me a photographer. It is the need to constantly evolve that makes me an artist.

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