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From concept to final execution, working with supplied images or collaborating with other professional photographers.

The creative options are only limited by your needs.

Book Cover Artist

Allan has worked on more than 2000 book covers.

Many of them for New York Times best selling authors.

Allan can be brought in at any stage in the project.

He can create a range of concepts from a brief, or

 add the finishing touches to an image created by the

 designers / art directors in your art department.


Conceptual images. Anything is possible

Photographic illustrations 
The only limitation is the

Sinking of the Lusitania.jpg
LIGHTNING COLLECTOR an surreal steam punk image created by digital artist and photographer Allan Davey
A selction of advertising images by Allan Davey

Looking for custom photo illustrations?
Allan can be reached through

 Allan has had the privilege of creating images for many of the world’s iconic brands.

  His work for Cessna earned him 6 Best of Class awards nationally ( USA )  

Allan collaborated on the concepts, arranged elaborate location photoshoots,

 then ultimately composited the images to create storytelling images

 that expressed the versatility of their brand. 


He redefined how they created product brochures and presented their aircraft.

High-end retouching and commercial photography

Product videos / sound design and original music

Our team can cover all the bases.

 If you are looking for a custom video
production. Our award winning director/videographer/editor  Samuel can tell your story with dynamic visuals. His short films have been featured at prestigious international film festivals.

Owen can compose original music in any genre, record custom foley and voiceovers to accompany your video for professional standout quality. He has over 100 millions views on his various social media accounts, playing drums, guitar, piano, and bass.


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